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Medium Format Camera Equipment

A variety of Medium Format camera equipment can be sourced by CoCam. Please let us know your requirements.


The following camera systems will have their own areas in this section:

Bronica S2A

Koni-Omega Rapid/Koni Rapid Omega

One of the cameras which will be featured heavily on this site is the Koni Rapid Omega and variants. These were truly excellent 6x7 medium format cameras which are still available in the used market today. The lenses have been tested recently by Kerry Thalaman and Christopher Perez and were found to be superb both in terms of resolution and contrast. There are a range of other medium format lenses also tested on their web site.

Koni-Omega Mailing List Archive

A recent update to the site is the Koni-Omega mailing list archive. The archive can browsed by threads or date and searched. This should be a useful resource for anyone who needs information on the cameras, lenses and accessories.

For Sale:

Bronica S2A

Nikkor-Q 135mmm f3.5 portrait lens: glass mint, front and rear lens caps - $200

To purchase equipment contact us.


Last Updated: Monday, February 21, 2000