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Photographic Services, Specialist Supplies,
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CoCam has many years experience in traditional photography,
darkroom, digital photography and associated techniques.

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The CoCam web site offers a variety of photographic goods, books and services. This includes the CoCam optical resin infrared filters for use with ordinary cameras loaded with infrared film, digital cameras, or camcorders with a low light setting.

Photographic Services

CoCam offers a range of photographic services which extend from portraiture to advertising and marketing, with the darkroom and digital facilities to produce prints up to billboard size. Graphic design services are also available.

  Photographic Books

Photographic Books

The books section has been recently enlarged with many new reviews. Books can be ordered directly through Amazon at bargain prices from this section.

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The CoCam Gallery

All CoCam customers are invited to submit their photographic work for display in the Gallery section. Links can be made to both the customer's EMail address and to a web site if applicable.
  mp3 Music Section

MP3 Music

In association with Cocam has a great selection of reviewed music in the Music section - available for download and on the new DAM CDs.


You can now order a range of magazines through CoCam for low low prices. There is a 90 day free trial offer on all the mags.
  The Official Infrared FAQ

The Infrared FAQ

The Official Infrared FAQ lives here and is being updated constantly. Everything you wanted to know about Infrared Photography but were afraid to ask! Comments or contributions welcome.

CoCam can provide information on a range of used photographic equipment.

Masses of searchable information in the and the .

Stunning digital camera infrared photographs can be seen in the CoCam Gallery

Latest addition is a colourful new range of clouded and plain backdrops ideal for any photographic subject. Hand made in low-crease washable polycotton and the usual high CoCam quality.



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